Create an A/B Testing Campaign

A/B test and optimize your email campaigns before sending it to all your subscribers. Use an A/B testing campaign to test how small changes to your campaigns impact your results.

Send two versions of emails to a sample audience and identify the most effective email.

In this article, you'll learn how to create and edit A/B testing campaigns.

Before You Start

Here are some things to know before you begin.

This article tells you how to create an A/B email campaign. To learn how to create a Regular Campaign, take a look at this article. You should get familiar with sending a regular broadcast before creating a more complicated campaign.

Create an A/B Testing Campaign

1. Select A/B test campaign

After the first step on Step 2, when choosing the audience for your campaign, select the A/B test campaign.

2. Campaign audience

Select the Segment that you want to use for your campaign.

You can adapt the percentage as you need, selecting up to 5 different variants. In this example, we created two options with 50% each.

Click Next

4. Follow the same steps as a Regular Campaign

Just make sure to add the content and settings for all the variants that you created. 

5. Edit your subject and content for each of your variants

6. Review your details and all your variants

7. Send