Email automation allows you to send automated emails that are triggered by a specific action. Automations help you to keep nurturing your subscribers with content based on specific traits, actions or filters.

Currently, MoonMail supports the following action:

  • Recipient subscribes to one of your lists
  • Delay

 Coming soon email event actions:

  • Recipient opened your email/campaign
  • Recipient did not open your email/campaign
  • Recipient clicked on any link within your email/campaign
  • Recipient did not click any link within your email/campaign
  • Recipient unsubscribed from your list
  • Specific date

 Coming soon Shopify event actions:

  • Customer placed an order
  • Shopify Order status changed to Shipped/Fulfilled

 Create an automation

 1. First, go to Automations, from the top menu and click on Create automation.

2. Name your automation and select a sender and a list from the dropdown menu.

3. Click on Create

Creating Actions for your Automation

This action example shows you how to send an automated email to any recipient just after subscribing to your list.

1. Select your automation and click on New action.

2. Name your action, define a subject and select the action type from the dropdown menu.

3. Define if you want to send it immediately or if you want to delay the sending of th email. This can help you to create a chain of emails.

4. Click on Create.

Edit the email

From here you need to edit the email the same way you'd do when editing/creating a campaign. Select a template or add the HTML code and when you’re ready you can go back to your automation.

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After you created your first action you can repeat the process to create more actions for the automation to create a funnel from the moment a lead subscriber to your list. When you're done click con Activate.

That's it! Your automation is up and running!

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