Setting up a subscription contacts form

Contact subscription forms allow you to add contacts to your MoonMail account. You can embed a contact form onto your website to collect contact information from your customers or just send a unique link to a customer to be subscribed. These forms can be customized with custom attributes as a way to tag the contacts subscribed through the form. Also, you can create a dynamic segment to get all contacts subscribed through a specific form so, you can message all of them in an easy way.

To create a contact form

There are two steps involved in creating a contact form. First, you set up the form. Next, you set up the custom attributes for the form.

Step 1: Set up the form

To create a subscription contact form

  1. Sign in to your MoonMail account.
  2. Choose the Contact forms section. The Contact forms page opens and displays forms that you previously defined.
  3. Choose Create contact form
  4. For Form name, type the name that will appear on the form page.
  5. For Form description, the that will appear on the form page.
  6. (Optional) Check the box next to Opt-in confirmation. If checked, every new contact subscribing through this form will receive a confirmation email. We highly recommend enabling Opt-in confirmation to make sure that only confirmed contacts are subscribed. If this option is enabled you need to select the From Address that will be used to send confirmation emails. A verified domain in your MoonMail account is needed to choose a From Address.

Step 2: Set up custom attributes

You can apply custom attributes to the form being created. You can think of these attributes as a way to tag your contacts.

  1. Under Custom attributes, choose Add atribute. You can now type your attribute name and value(s). For example, you could create a tag with gtm_campaign as attribute name and blackfriday as attribute value. All contacts subscribed through this form will be tagged as gtm_campaign:blackfriday so, you can easily identify where the contacts are coming from and how to message them as a group. To create more tags, choose Add attribute.
  2. When you finish setting up the form, choose Create contact form.

After creating the form you will see a summary under  Contact form details with all the information you provided to create the form and three new pieces of information.

  1. A Form ID attribute that is unique. This attribute can be used to create a segment with all the contacts subscribed trough the form.
  2. A Unique form link that you can send to your customers to be subscribed.
  3. The Form code that you can embed onto your website. The default form is created with two input fields: Email and Name. You can modify the form to add new fields if needed like Gender, as shown in the following HTML snippet.
    <!-- embedded form styles -->
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="">
    <!-- embedded form start -->
      <input type="hidden" name="FormId" value="<YOUR_FORM_ID_VALUE>" />
      <div class="mm-field">
        <label for="mm-email">Email <sup>*</sup></label>
        <input type="email" id="mm-email" name="Address" required="" />
      <div class="mm-field">
        <label for="mm-name">Name</label
        ><input type="text" id="mm-name" name="UserAttributes[Name]" />
      <div class="mm-field">
        <label for="mm-gender">Gender</label
        ><input type="text" id="mm-gender" name="UserAttributes[Gender]" />
      <button type="submit">Subscribe</button>
    <!-- embedded form end -->