How to create a segment of not engaged contacts

One of the common questions asked by MoonMail users is how to identify those contacts who have not interacted with any of the campaigns sent. It is easy to identify these types of contacts thanks to dynamic segments. You can create a dynamic segment for those contacts who did not open any campaign you sent and did not click any of the links of those campaigns.

To create a dynamic segment of not engaged contacts

There are two steps involved in creating a dynamic segment. First, you set up the segment. Next, you set up the segment groups for the segment.

Step 1: Set up the segment

To create a segment

  1. Sign in to your MoonMail account.
  2. Choose the Segments section. The Segments page opens and displays segments that you previously defined.
  3. Choose Create segment.
  4. Under Create a segment, choose Build a segment.
  5. For Segment name, type a name for the segment to make it easy to recognize later like All non-engaged contacts.
Step 2: Configure segment groups
  1. Under Segment group 1, next to Include contacts that are in, choose any or all. For this specific tutorial, both options work the same way.
  2. Next to of the following segments, choose no base segment at all to identify all the non-engaged contacts in your account.
  3. Nex to Contacts that match, choose all of the following filters to apply all the filters in the next step at the same time.
  4. Choose Add a filter group to apply all the filters you need to refine the segment. Use this option to filter by contact specific metrics. Next to Contact is choose active, and next to during choose the appropriate value for you: last 24 hours, last 7 days, last 14 days, last 30 days or application's lifetime to select only the contacts that have been messaged in that period of time. To add a metric, choose Add a filter and add the metric Opens equal 0. Choose Add a filter again and add the metric Clicks equal 0 too. Finally, do the same thing for the metric DeliveredEmails greater than 0 as shown in the following image.
  5. When you finish setting up the segment, choose Create segment.

By completing this tutorial, you've created a dynamic segment will all the non-engaged contacts in your account during all the application's lifetime.

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