Share your Account with Multiple Users

  • Please note that only registered MoonMail accounts can be given authorization. So if you're trying to invite to manage your MoonMail account but he's not yet a MoonMail user, the system won't detect John thus, you won't be able to give him access to your account.

So you are an agency and want to enter into your customer's MoonMail account to help him with his email marketing tasks?

For example, you're that super immense pharmaceutical company. You already have a MoonMail account, but heck! I want my digital agency to enter my MoonMail account and do the hard work for me. Is this possible? Definitely!

You can share your MoonMail account with other users to give them full access to your whole account. Users that you authorize to use your account will be able to create, edit and delete anything from your account as it was theirs. So make sure that you only share access to trusted users.

Giving access to your account

  1. Log in to your MoonMail account and go to your profile.
  2. Click on Authorized users.
  3. Click the Add user button.
  4. Type the user email and click Add user again.

Next time the user you gave the authorization to access your account will be able to see your profile by clicking on the profile picture.

To whom is it a good idea to authorize access to my account?

  • Team members of your company.
  • Agencies that you are currently working with.
  • MoonMail experts who manage your MoonMail account.
  • Your accountant willing to download invoices or change your billing and/or contact information