How do I Create a Signup Form to Collect my Contacts Email Addresses?

Setting up a Form and installing it on your website is the most important step toward growing your list.

Every MoonMail account comes with multiple and powerful signup forms that will help you grow your subscriber base.

In this article, you'll learn how to create one.

Create a Signup Form

1. Go to Contact Forms and click the Create contact form button

2. Fill up the Specifications form with the details of your new form

We recommend activating the double opt-in on all your forms. This two-step process creates a list that is both confirmed and committed. Essential for a long-term relationship with your subscribers and a healthy email list.

3. Click the Create contact form button

4. Done!

You can choose between copying the HTML code and pasting it into your website, or you can use the hosted form provided by MoonMail using the Unique form link.