Schedule a Regular Email Campaign

When you create a regular email campaign, you can select a date and time for delivery to your audience. In this article, you'll discover how to program an email campaign.

Schedule a Campaign

To schedule a regular email campaign, follow these steps.

1. After you're done with your campaign's details and settings, go to Step 4.

2. In the Step 4 menu 'Choose when the campaign should be sent,' use the list to set when and how often do you want to send your campaign.

Choose Once, if you're going to select a date and hour or choose between hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly if you want to set up a time range when your campaign will be active.

3. Use the date picker to set delivery time and date. 

4. Choose the Campaign timezone

You either can select a timezone or use the recipient's local zone, which sends a campaign to your audience based on the recipient's time zone.

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