How can I reduce email complaints?

As mentioned before, a complaint occurs when an email recipient marks an email message as spam. Complaints are troublesome for your reputation and could eventually lead to a block. So how to reduce complaints from your subscribers?

If you are still getting complaints from your subscribed contacts, there’s a couple of things you can do in order to reduce your complaint rate and avoid being penalized by email service providers:

  • Send a confirmation email: If you’ve been inactive for the last couple of years and now you want to send email marketing campaigns you could get some complaints. Some people forget that they subscribed to your database and mark your new email as spam. Sending an email to contacts that are older than 2 years in your list asking for opt-in confirmation with an option to unsubscribe could help you to clean your list before sending the real campaign. This could reduce your complaint rate significantly.

  • Add a person as the sender: Sending your email campaigns on behalf of a person, i.e "", instead of support, info, marketing, etc. can improve the perception of having a conversation if the contact hits the reply button.
  • Make your unsubscribe link more visible: Every time people has less time to read ALL email that they receive. If they decide to unsubscribe from your newsletter and are not able to find the unsubscribe link easily, they will mark your email as spam in order to stop receiving them. Improving the text next to the unsubscribe like "To stop receiving this newsletter from My Company, click unsubscribe" improves the visibility of the link rather than just have “unsubscribe”. You can even add another unsubscribe link in the header for quick access. 

Remember, having unsubscribes in your reputation is WAY better than having complaints.

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