Email Soft Bounces

There are two types of bounced emails, hard bounces, and soft bounces. While hard bounces are always calculated in your reputation, soft ones are not. We know that people live busy lives and their inboxes live a life of their own, 1,000,000x busier. 

So, we don't count those bounces in your reputation. As a rule, soft bounces are temporary bounces. Reasons may include vacation responders, server unavailability, full mailbox and sometimes it's as simple as - your email is too large. Bear in mind, these emails are sent and we retry to send them for quite a while after the initial temporary response is received. 

Ultimately, they will be resolved in a hard bounce or a sent email. You are charged for these emails at the time of the sending and retries are completely free of charge, and automatic. 

There is nothing much you can do about these types of bounces at the time of the sending. 

However, to generally improve the quality of your list, be aware of your bounce & complaint limitations.

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