How can I reduce bounces in email messaging?

The basics of reducing bounces in email messaging

As stated in our Anti-Spam Policy you send emails only to subscribers that you obtained as through your website or are current customers. If you’re migrating a list from another service or if you have an old list that you haven’t used for a long time, here are some tips that you can follow to avoid bounces.

  • Clean your list periodically: Use tools to validate your lists regularly and make sure you remove hard bounces before sending for the first time. Keep an eye every month to monitor your lists. When uploading lists to MoonMail we make a small filter to detect invalid emails and omit them, but you also need to check the soft bounces. You can contact support to get your lists validated.
  • Don’t buy or harvest emails: Usually, the lists that people buy contains lots of bounces, you can never be sure that they have quality and they contain mostly harvested emails. Also, sending emails to people that you don’t have their permission is against the law as specified in the CAN-SPAM act and the EU Opt-In Directive.
  • Use double opt-in: There’s a lot of cases when people misspell their email addresses when subscribing to newsletters and type something like this: “”. Fake email addresses are also when especially if you’re offering content to download from your site, just to get the content quickly. Double opt-in helps to filter those fake emails as misspells and also make sure that people want to subscribe. In MoonMail you can personalize the opt-in email for your subscribers.
  • Add authentication records (SPF & DKIM): Server could block your emails from going to your subscriber's inbox because you might be considered as a “threat”. The server verifies where the email is coming so adding authentications records helps you to inform the server that your domain is trusted and safe. In MoonMail you have the option to generate the records to add them to your domain.

Reducing soft bounces is the same. However, sometimes there can be factors that create soft bounces and you can't do anything about it, except sit back, relax and let us handle it for you. 

If you maintain your lists clean on a regular basis, use a double opt-in process and avoid buying lists, everything will be ok!

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