How does MoonMail authenticate that my emails are not SPAM?

All ISPs (Internet Service Providers) takes considerable measures to prevent their user from receiving spam. MoonMail takes proactive steps to decrease the probability of your email to be considered spam.

In order to meet the ISPs standards, you can follow the best practices of email marketing to avoid the spam folder:

  • Always provide at least one unsubscribe link that is visible.
  • Add physical mailing address (Company name and full address)
  • Generate DKIM and SPF records and add them to your domain.
  • Follow CAN-SPAM guidelines and similar laws.
  • Avoid the use of purchased, rented, or scraped lists.
  • Never use deceptive headers, 'From' names, 'reply-to' addresses, or subject lines. Email services detect spam trigger words.
  • Don’t use too many links, images or huge images.
  • Don’t use Flash or JavaScript in your templates.
  • Use personalized tags.

Additional information

Keep your lists updated and clean. Delete subscribers whose email is no longer valid to avoid bounces. Contact support if you need help to clean your lists.

Review the status of your domain regularly, some spam filters will flag a campaign if anyone with the same IP has sent spam in the past. There are several tools where you can make a DNS check. You can try with MxToolbox.

Design your campaign to be clear, balanced, and to promote engagement from your subscribers and you will never be in the spam folder.

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