The Importance of Permission

We're pretty sure you already know this, just as a refresher - Unless the customer gives you their explicit consent you shouldn't email them, ever! 

Nowadays, some merchants are buying lists without considering the fact that the people on the list have no idea that they're going to be emailed. Apart from annoying the customer, it has the potential to ruin your business, fast. 

Consequences of emailing without permission

  • Your emails will bounce - most lists that are sold contain a huge amount of fake / old addresses and they will start bouncing. We have a strict email bounce policy that will quickly get your account blocked if not respected.
  • Customers will complain - there will be a substantial percentage of people who'll complain and say they never signed up. If you get more complaints that we tolerate in our complaints policy, you will be blocked. 
  • Your email will get a bad reputation - ISPs track spam reports. If you get enough of them, it will blacklist your email sender and that will make sure that your emails go to spam folder rather than the user's inbox. This will in turn negatively impact your business and your brand image. 

Hopefully, this has illustrated a few examples of why you should do these things in an honest and transparent way. We have a list of requirements that will help you and make sure that your emails always end up in the "inbox" folder. 

Creating Good Campaigns

Now that we've frightened you properly, you may ask yourself: "So, how do I create a good email campaign?" Luckily, there are only a few guidelines that will help you achieve this in a fast and easy way. 

  • Always get customer's permission - that way you'll build a healthy email list that will be happy to receive any email that you send.
  • Write quality content - don't write spammy or fishy content in your email campaigns. We have automatic filters that will analyze your campaign before sending and warn you if the email sounds like a spam email.
  • Include the new footer- we've rolled out new footer requirements that will further help ISPs and email providers list your content as quality content and keep your lists happy and healthy.

Hopefully, now you're on your way to creating great email content and amazing viral campaigns. And remember, no means no! Always get permission.