How do I Import my Contacts to MoonMail?

In this article, you'll learn how to import your contacts into a new segment. 

Import Contacts to MoonMail

1. Go to Segments

2. Click Create Segment

3. Select Import a segment

You can create a new segment using previously imported contacts or import new recipients selecting the second option on the image below.

4. Fill the form, name and upload your CSV file

Choose and type a name for your new segment and find on your computer your CSV file that contains your recipients.

5. Verify your file 

Validate that your fields match the name and email address. Change the mapping if you spot something mismatching. 

6. Click Create Segment

That's it!

It can take up to an hour if your file contains thousands of rows. You can always check the status of the process while your contacts are being imported. We make sure that your recipients look correct and verify that their emails work.