With MoonMail you can create segmentations of your list to reach a specific audience based on certain parameters like creation date, country, and many more. This segmentations works as a filter, so you can turn it on and off at any time.

To create a Segment:
1.- Go to Lists and select the list you want to segment.

2.- Click on the +New Segment button: 

3.- Choose the default provided parameters for your segmentation.

Created between: A date range.
Subscription origin:
From manual subscription, List Import or Subscription Form
Country: Countries are detected automatically by the IP address of your subscribers.
: Regions based on IP
: Cities are based on IP
Code: ZIP Codes are based on IP
Time Zone
: Time Zone is based on IP
: Browser language
: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile or Smart TV

  • Custom fields: You can create a segmentation based on the custom fields defined for your recipients in a particular list. Say you have a custom field named: Gender, you could create a segmentation for Male or Female.

4.- Click on Apply to see the preview of the segmentation or if you want to use it one time.

5.- Click on the Save Icon to keep this segmentation for the future. You can delete the segmentation at any time by clicking on the Delete icon.

To see your segmentation, just go to your list and click on the Filters (All by default) and select your saved segmentation.

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