You can use MoonMail Zapier Integration to automatically subscribe people (email addresses) from other apps into your MoonMail lists.

MoonMail for Zapier is currently in Beta, so if you'd like to try it, click the button below to get an invitation to use it. Don’t worry if you don’t have a Zapier account, the link will forward you to a signup page.

Set up the trigger app

1.- Log into your Zapier account.

2.- Click on the MAKE A ZAP! Button from your dashboard.

3.- Select the trigger app from where you’d like to automatically subscribe recipients. Here are some popular apps that you could try:


CRM & leads

Online Forms & Surveys

Set up the MoonMail action

1.- Type MoonMail to search for the app and select it.

2.- Select the Create Subscriber trigger and click on Save + Continue.

3.- Copy and paste your User ID and List ID from your MoonMail account in the right fields.

NOTE: In this beta phase, you don’t need to connect your MoonMail account, instead, you only need to add the List ID and User ID.

Getting the List ID & User ID

  • Log into your MoonMail account.
  • Go to Lists, and select the list you want to use for your new subscribers.
  • Click on the Manage subscribers tab and then click on Add Subscribers from anywhere.

Getting the List ID & User ID

Once there, you'll se a page which gives you the List ID & User ID to be provided later to Zapier as shown below:

4.- Paste your List ID and User ID values copied before from your MoonMail account. Insert the email field from your trigger app in the Subscriber’s Email field. In this example, I’m using Intercom to sync subscribers with MoonMail.

5.- You can also add, optionally, name and surname from the trigger app if available. Click Continue.

6.- From here you can make a test of the trigger-action to see if it’s working as expected. Just click on Fetch & Continue, or you can skip the test. When you’re done, click on Continue again.

All set! Now turn on your Zap and let your list grow automatically so you can focus on creating great content and increasing your sales!

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